Berkshire and heritage breeds

We raise primarily Berkshire and a few other heritage cross-breeds because we believe them to be the best.  These heritage breeds are superior in taste, marbling and flavor, especially when compared to modern confinement pork which is dry, tough and flavorless.  Berkshire is a heritage breed from England, renowned for over 300 years for its flavor, juiciness, and tenderness.  This is like the pork you remember from your childhood, only better.  So tender, you can cut it with a fork, and GMO-free.  Prepare for a truly amazing and delicious experience!


Our Berkshire pigs are humanely raised outside with access to shelter, plenty of fresh water, sunshine, space, and rain puddles.  They have unlimited access to freshly ground feed from non-GMO grain we grow right here on our own farm.  From the moment they’re weaned from momma’s milk, our pigs are fed exclusively non-GMO feed.  We limit the use of antibiotics as much as possible, only to treat an animal if it becomes sick.  That’s the humane thing to do.

Just like humans, stress will affect an animal’s quality of life.  Stress also has a tremendous effect on the quality of meat.  So, our pigs have plenty of room to run, root, and eat throughout their lives.  There is ample feeder space, to reduce competition and shelter with deep non-GMO cornstalk bedding to lay in.

Young pigs walkingHow can we get some?

Since we feed a fresh grain diet, we are able to raise pigs year-round.  We have approximately 25 pigs available every 3 months, with potential to grow with demand.   Our pigs can be purchased by the whole or half.  We charge $2.25 per hanging pound, and that includes delivery to the locker of your choice.  Hanging weight is the weight after the animal is butchered and on the rail.  You would pay Breezy Lane Farm for the animal, and the locker separately for the processing, usually a fee per pound of meat.  We will deliver to any locker for free within 60 miles of Nora Springs, Iowa.  And, if you’re not sure which locker, just ask us.  We can recommend some.  In northern Iowa there are several to choose from.  We will deliver further than that for a small per mile charge, unless we are delivering multiple pigs.  In that case, the fee would be reduced.

If you would like to reserve a pig, it requires a deposit of $50, and you will be guaranteed the next one available on the waiting list.  You can also reserve a pig from groups in the future, if your freezer is a little full now.  Without the deposit, we can’t guarantee availability. The deposit will be applied to the final purchase price.

How much Pork will I get?

We raise our animals to a target weight of about 250-270 pounds, live.  If we hit our target, the hanging weight of that carcass would be about 180-195 pounds.  If you buy a whole a pig (based on our example), it would end up to be approximately 130-145 pounds of finished, fresh cut pork.  If you were to buy a half of a pig, that would be about 65-72 pounds.  The amount of meat you take home also depends on how you have it cut at the locker.  The more bones you remove, the less volume you take home.

We recommend that you read this document from Iowa State University Extension, the Beef and Pork Whole Animal Buying Guide.  Click on the PDF version, it is free.  It will walk you through the process, explain terms, discuss freezer space required, different cuts available, and generally answer all your questions about purchasing pork directly off the farm.  The locker you choose will also be able to explain and answer your questions.  Of course, if you still have a question, feel free to ask us!

Find more information about what’s available on the Availability & Pricing page.