Breezy Lane Farm grew from the desire to return to the way we used to produce pork.  We have been farming, and raising pigs for over 15 years.  We started out farrowing, at one point we had 216 sows, all housed outside.  They had their piglets in our barn, and then we’d turn them back outside.  We sold feeder pigs, and sometimes we would keep them and finish them ourselves.  We did that outdoors, too.  From there we spent some years raising only nursery pigs for another farmer.  It was that experience in modern pork production that has caused us to change completely, back to the old way.  Confinement pork is not for us.  We didn’t like that the pigs were crowded, and never saw sunlight, or felt it on their skin.  We didn’t like that they never got to wallow in a mud puddle, stand out in a spring rain or eat apples and garden scraps.   We didn’t like the many different antibiotics we had to give, a result of their very close quarters living arrangement.  We like our pigs outside, in the sun and rain and breeze, and yes, even snow, doing what pigs should be doing.  This is not to criticize pork producers.  They help feed the world.  And it fed our family for the years that we did it.  But at the same time, its just not for us.  We feel the same way about our cattle.  No feedlot style production for us.  We believe the end product is better, too.  And so, Breezy Lane Farm came to be.  And while the name might be new, the methods we use are not.  We produce beef and pork that we want to eat, feel safe feeding to our children and families, and are proud to serve at our table.  This is the way we prefer to do it, and its the best way we know how to do it.  And now, we’d like to share it with you, and we hope you enjoy it.  Thanks for reading!

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